There are people I'd like to thank, who have helped me in my career, taught me something, or just generally made the going easier.

Quinn Whiting-O'Keefe has been a mentor and friend over the years, and taught me most of what I know about informatics, clinical data, and of course the Service Model. He is now off chasing sheep in New Zealand, and is missed.

Thanks also to Rick Larsen and his engineering team at Fast-Track Systems, especially, but not limited to, Peter Abramowitsch, Kelly Kingdon, Phil Servedio, and the rest of the terrific engineering and QA team. You guys were patient when I got picky, and rose to the occasion when I designed things that were hard to do.

Tim Anspaugh and Karen Theisen, UI designers, helped me out a lot at Oceania, and converted me to always testing my designs. Many thanks for the laughs, for sharing, and for being gracious and not saying "I told you so" when one of my designs bombed.

Thanks to John Hatem, Madeline Nubie, Joyce Abrams, Pam Hathaway and Jon Morris who worked with me on the Kaiser clinical information system project, and who turned what could have easily been a serious Death March into something challenging, entertaining, and educational. Thanks to all of you for being a great team.

And most of all, thanks to my wife Jackie, and son Brendan, for putting up with having me sit at that damn computer for so many hours.