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Project: Customer Service Tool

Description: Medem's customer services reps were using a patchwork of applications, mostly homegrown to manage a database of 30,000 physician clients and 400,000+ contacts.

Goal: Unify the operations of these tools into one simple and effective application that would improve customer satisfaction and streamline agent operations.

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Project: Physician Web Site Maintenance Tool

Description: This Medem project was the revision of a tool that allows physicians and office staff to build and maintain a practice Web site. Version 1.x had added many options in a series of point releases. A new design was needed to reduce the cognitive burden for users.

Goal: Simplify the user interface to accommodate the casual or infrequent user. The secondary goal was to simplify the page construction to help development meet an aggressive deadline.

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Project: Integrated Clinical Workstation

Description: Kaiser Permanente hired SAIC, Oacis and Oceania to design an integrated clinical workstation for use in the outpatient areas by clinicians and other staff. Each company brought existing products to the project, however the look and feel from each was quite different.

Goal: Integrate these disparate applications into a seamless, intuitive user interface.

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Project: Pharmaceutical Contracting Application

Description: Fast Track Systems develops applications for pharmaceutical companies, and acquired a legacy financial application, PICAS. PICAS was used by contracting staff to budget investigator costs for clinical trials. PICAS had a nonstandard design and had been criticized by clients for being difficult to use.

Goal: Modernize the legacy FoxPro application, converting it to an ASP/Java environment. Also redesign the UI to conform to standards and increase ease of use for the infrequent user.

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Project: Protocol Design Tool (MS Word + XML)

Description: Fast Track Systems wanted to create a novel application that allowed clinical users to write clinical trial protocols in a familiar Word environment, while key trial data was encoded in XML for subsequent re-use. This system had to handle flexible user workflow, arbitrary client configuration and be standards (ICH, 21CFR11) compliant.

Goal: Create a protocol design application that would maximize user acceptance and benefit, while being implementable given the technology constraints.

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